Symbol for THC Content

A proposed ASTM International standard would establish symbols for all consumer products that contain THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis.  ASTM’s cannabis committee (D37) is developing the proposed standard (WK75247).

The proposed standard, which could be adopted by regulatory bodies and followed by producers, will provide uniformity, mitigating potential consumer confusion and costs of creating unique labels for each jurisdiction in which a producer sells. Jurisdictions with legal cannabis typically require a warning symbol for products that contain THC in quantities greater than 0.3% by weight/volume. However, there are nearly as many unique symbols as there are jurisdictions with legal cannabis. 

“Currently, states and countries have developed symbols that are specific to their market and may confuse consumers,” says ASTM International member David Vaillencourt, founder and CEO of The GMP Collective. “It also creates issues for packaging and label companies and operators in multiple states that are not able to standardize branding with the different size and technical requirements.” 

Vaillencourt notes that packaging companies, retailers, and consumers would benefit most from the proposed standard. Watch a video on cannabis standards.

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