Synthetic Turf Infill

ASTM International Committee F08 on Sports Equipment, Playing Surfaces and Facilities is developing a standard for measuring properties of crumb rubber infill that could be ingested by players on artificial turfs. The proposed standard (WK47821, Specification for Extractable Hazardous Metals in Synthetic Turf Infill Materials) will be discussed at the committee's May meeting.

Crumb rubber is often used as infill material for synthetic turf products. However, there have been some concerns about potential exposure to toxic chemicals by inhalation, ingestion or skin contact.

The proposed standard will help address concerns related to hazardous metals that could possibly be extracted in the stomach after ingestion. The test method simulates infill coming in contact with stomach acid for a period of time, and then measures the presence of soluble elements in parts-per-million. The standard will apply to any infill material that can be used in any synthetic turf athletic surface.

The proposed standard is modeled after the Hazardous Substance Content section of ASTM's consumer safety specification for toy safety (F963). The test method and extractable hazardous metal content in the proposed standard are the same as those in F963, as well as in two other ASTM playground standards (F2075 and F3012).

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