Synthetic Turf Materials

ASTM International’s committee on sports equipment, playing surfaces, and facilities (F08) is developing a standard for particle size of infill materials used in sports fields made from artificial turf.

The proposed standard (WK82607) includes all granular infill materials used in turf, providing a test method for particle size that uses sieve analysis. An appropriate particle size for turf construction can impact properties like abrasiveness, drainage and traction.

According to ASTM International member Tom Murphy, sieve analysis is often used for quality control in granular material production, and will make it simpler to ensure proper distribution of different particle sizes in turf.

“Having an ASTM method for the sieve analysis of infill will allow for better standardization across the industry,” says Murphy. “It will also provide end users and laboratories with the ability to determine if a particular shipment of infill material meets the producer’s and designer’s specifications.”

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