Technology, Design and Safety for Small Airplanes

Anyone who routinely flies will benefit from a new ASTM standard on general aviation. The new standard (F3114, Specification for Structures) addresses the structural airworthiness requirements of small airplanes, from lightweight propeller-driven planes to light business jets.

"The requirements contained in the new standard are general in nature and apply to all areas of an airplane regardless of the type of component, system or structure," says ASTM member Joel Heck, a regulatory and compliance leader for structural integrity at Textron Aviation. "Requirements need to evolve as technology changes and this standard allows the industry to develop requirements to meet the demands of changing technology."

Heck says that the primary users of the new standard will be organizations that design and certify airplanes, as well as design firms that modify existing planes. "These standards provide a globally accepted means of compliance that meets the safety intent of regulations currently being adopted by many countries," notes Heck.

Users of general aviation planes, including personal and business users, will benefit from the new standard. It will allow for faster adoption into the regulatory environment of new safety-enhancing aviation technologies.

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