Temperature Measurement Accuracy

A new ASTM International standard will help improve the accuracy of temperature measurement essential in many industries. ASTM’s temperature measurement committee (E20) developed the new standard.

“Temperature is one of the most measured physical quantities in industry,” says ASTM International member Frank Liebmann, a metrology engineer at Fluke Calibration. “It affects most industrial processes, so ensuring a more accurate determination of temperature is very important.”

The new standard (soon to be published as E3186) will help lab technicians who regulate temperature sensors using calibrators known as dry block calibrators or dry wells, Liebmann says. The new standard includes guidance on possible errors and on determining calibration uncertainty when using dry block calibrators. Calibration laboratories will be the primary users of the standard, according to committee members. However, these devices are often deployed to the field for onsite verification.

ASTM International welcomes participation in the development of its standards. Become a member of ASTM. The next meeting of ASTM International’s temperature measurement committee is May 11-12, 2020, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

To purchase standards, contact ASTM International customer relations at sales@astm.org.

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