Test Method for Gaseous Fuels

A new ASTM International standard developed by the gaseous fuels committee (D03) provides a test method for the measurement of siloxanes and trimethylsilanol (TMSOL) in gaseous fuels.

The standard (D8455) addresses siloxanes and TMSOL as they are known to build up and cause various issues with fuels and gas-powered systems. This includes gas grids and elements of generating electricity such as engines, turbines, and catalysts.

According to ASTM International member Jonathan Cross, monitoring for these substances will protect gas quality and further renewable energy generation.

“Continuous analysis of siloxanes and TMSOL allows biogas producers, pipeline operators, and utilities to monitor concentrations for several applications,” says Cross. “For example, monitoring can help producers determine when siloxane removal units begin to fail, so that they can replace the scrubber material and bring concentrations back down to acceptable levels.”

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