Use of Exoskeletons in Confined Places

ASTM International’s exoskeletons and exosuits committee (F48) is developing a proposed standard that will provide a test method for vertical movement of exoskeletons in confined spaces.

“The proposed standard will provide a test method for workers who must traverse manholes and other similar confined spaces while wearing an exoskeleton,” says ASTM International member Roger Bostelman.

The proposed standard (WK81267) will be useful in both the field and in laboratories to help manufacturers and users:

  • Develop appropriate exoskeletons for vertical confined space tasks;
  • Design exoskeletons to allow appropriate PPE (for example, fall restraint, supply air hose, tool belts);
  • Train users;
  • Practice skills.

Bostelman also notes the Laborers’ International Union of North America is providing vertical confined space experience and testing to support the development of WK81267.

ASTM welcomes participation in the development of its standards. Bostelman says that experienced persons with knowledge of vertical confined space work, including industrial and response workers, are encouraged to join the development of the proposed standard. JOIN ASTM.  

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