Varnish Generation Potential

Lubricated turbine parts with signs of varnish.

A proposed new ASTM test method will be useful in assessing the varnish generation potential of turbine oils on industrial lubricated equipment parts.

The proposed standard, WK36093, Test Method for Determination of Oxidation Stability and Insoluble Formation of Inhibited Turbine Oils at 120°C Without the Inclusion of Water (Dry TOST Method), is being developed by Subcommittee D02.09.0C on Oxidation of Turbine Oils, part of ASTM International Committee D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants.

"The proposed test method could be applicable to any industrial lubricant as an indication of varnish potential," says Okazaki. "Lower varnish and deposit formation will ultimately correlate to increased reliability, for example, increased machine up time and lower maintenance costs."

Primary users of WK36093, once it has been approved, will include lubricant and additive suppliers and testing laboratories.

All interested parties are invited to participate in the standards development activities of D02.

CONTACT Technical Information: Mark Okazaki, Chevron Lubricants • Richmond, Calif. • Phone: 510-242-5978 | ASTM Staff: David Bradley • Phone: 610-832-9681 | Upcoming Meeting: June 24-28 • San Francisco, Calif.

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