Vinyl Sheet Piling

ASTM International’s geosynthetics committee (D35) is developing a proposed standard that covers vinyl sheet piling used in marine and geotechnical fields for seawalls, retaining walls, flood walls, erosion control, and pollution cut-off. 

According to ASTM member Steve Hargrave, the proposed standard (WK75165) will fill the need for a specification for vinyl sheet piling used for structural walls to hold back soil, separate land from water, mitigate flooding and erosion, and control water flow. Structural, civil, and design engineers will be the primary users of the standard. 

“Vinyl sheet piling is also used for barriers to seepage through dams or levees and barriers to underground pollutant flow,” says Hargrave, innovation and engineering director, CMI Limited. “These products are often made with recycled materials, have a lower carbon footprint than traditional materials, are inert in the environment, and can be recycled at the end of lifespan.” 

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