Warehouse Management

A new ASTM International guide will help organizations that warehouse their assets. The new standard (E3056, Guide for Warehousing) will help reduce costs, conserve resources, and increase efficiency.

"This guide is essentially Warehousing 101, capturing the basic concepts and principles of managing a warehouse operation," says ASTM member Robert Holcombe. "It's our hope that over time, additional standards and guidance will provide greater detail and specificity to this body of knowledge within the ASTM standards community."

ASTM's committee on asset management (E53) developed the guide, which covers basic principles of warehousing. For example, the guide emphasized the importance of placing frequently used stock near the delivery, sorting, and shipping areas in order to minimize loss of time and resources. Another principle in the guide is to critically examine stored assets before deciding to move to a new storage space with the same square footage.

The primary users of the guide will be people who manage inventories for sales and transfers of products. The guide will also help people who maintain assets related to business operations, emergency equipment, and equipment undergoing or awaiting repairs, as well as traditional storage of documents, historical, and other items.

Committee E53 invites interested parties to join in the development of additional standards that will provide a more in-depth perspective on warehousing.

To purchase standards, visit www.astm.org and search by the standard designation, or contact ASTM Customer Relations (tel +1.877.909.ASTM; sales@astm.org). ASTM welcomes participation in the development of its standards. Become a member at www.astm.org/JOIN.

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