Warning Devices for Scooters

ASTM International’s consumer products committee (F15) is developing a new standard for audible warning devices on electric scooters. 

These warning devices will passively alert vulnerable road users of the electric scooters’ presence through audible warning, unlike devices such as bells or horns that require rider input.

The proposed standard (WK82856) will cover audible warning devices specifically for adult-use, electric-powered scooters. The new development stems from a desire from micromobility stakeholders, such as manufacturers, riders and pedestrians, to ensure safety.

According to ASTM International member Ryan Yee, “This standard will be especially relevant to manufacturers of audible warning devices as they develop for single-rider electric vehicles, and it may be useful for other regulatory bodies.” He also says that the committee is welcoming participation from sound experts as the standard progresses, to determine the finer points of how the devices will function. 

ASTM committee F15 is also currently developing a standard for adult ride share scooters (WK70724). 

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