Water Slide Rider Acceleration Data

A proposed ASTM International standard will establish a test method for obtaining acceleration data on water slides using human test subjects. ASTM International’s amusement rides and devices committee (F24) is developing the proposed standard. 

Data obtained through the standard is crucial to developing and calculating the expected forces riders feel on a water slide. The level of these forces can be key to ensure the riders do not experience an unexpected event or safety-related incident.  

“The proposed standard will establish the method for obtaining data on acceleration forces users would feel when riding on various types of water slides,” said Andreas Tanzer, director of research, design, and standards at ProSlide Technology. “The intent is to have consistency in obtaining the acceleration data so it can be processed and authenticated for riders on all water slides.”

Data acquired through the new standard test method (WK72594) can also be used to further current and future ride designs, while maintaining the expected level of ride safety.

According to Tanzer, the committee vice-chair, manufacturers and regulators will benefit most from the proposed standard. Manufacturers will be able to validate the design forces on a water slide rider, while regulators will have access to data to ensure rides do not exceed the prescribed forces within globally recognized water slide standards, such as ASTM F2376.

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