Water Supply Wells

ASTM's Committee D18 on Soil and Rock has approved a new ASTM standard that will help with sampling and analyzing the groundwater of residential water wells near petroleum exploration and production operations. The new standard is D8006, Guide for Sampling and Analysis of Residential and Commercial Water Supply Wells in Areas of Exploration and Production Operations. Exploration and production activities include hydraulic fracturing.

The petroleum industry, private well owners, consultants and contractors will be able to use the guide to help test residential drinking water for possible contamination. In addition, regulators could use the new guide as a reference for proper sampling and analyses procedures.

The new guide provides information on typical residential supply well systems as well as direction on how to develop and implement a sampling program, including:

  • Determining sampling locations;
  • Evaluation of well conditions and water supply systems;
  • Suggested purging techniques;
  • Recommended analyses and test methods;
  • Qualifications of the sampling team;
  • Recommended testing laboratory certifications;
  • Data management and integrity; and
  • Guidance on property damage prevention and personal safety.

ASTM member Hank Mittelhauser, principal, St. John-Mittelhauser and Associates, says that D18 welcomes constructive comments from users of the guide to incorporate into future revisions of the standard. Also, the committee welcomes anyone to participate in its standards developing activities, including a proposed guide for preliminary gas screening.

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