Weighted Blanket Standard Underway

ASTM International’s consumer products committee (F15) is seeking participation to develop a proposed standard for weighted blankets.

According to ASTM International member Carol Pollack-Nelson, the subcommittee that will develop the proposed standard (F15.74) wants to determine performance requirements, warnings, and instructional literature that would make the blankets safer for consumers. 

“Weighted blankets have become very popular over the last several years,” says Pollack-Nelson, an independent safety consultant. “People use them for a variety of reasons, including to provide comfort to fitful sleepers.” She noted that a standard might be helpful in fostering safety by leading to blankets that meet performance requirements, such as ensuring that contents do not release, and more. Also, warnings and instructions are needed to guide consumers about the appropriate weight for people of different sizes 

According to Pollack-Nelson, manufacturers will be able to use the proposed standard to help meet product performance requirements as well as to provide consumer safety information on labels and/or packaging.  

ASTM International welcomes participation in development of voluntary standards. Become a Member of ASTM. The next meeting of ASTM International’s consumer products committee is Nov. 19 at the Toy Association in Washington, D.C.

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