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Rabigh Refining and Petrochemical Company (Petro Rabigh) is a joint project between Saudi Aramco and Japan’s Sumitomo Chemical Company. It was founded in 2005 and islocated by the Red Sea in Rabigh... read more
Concrete is an ubiquitous part of daily life worldwide. Society relies on concrete to perform in a safe, resilient, reliable, and sustainable manner. Virtually all of Titan America’s finished... read more
In construction, occupant safety is paramount. As a result, the industry is heavily regulated and slow to adopt new technologies — a reflection of the fact that too often those regulations have come... read more
Aurora Cannabis Inc. (Aurora) is a global leader in the cannabis industry, serving both the medical and consumer markets. Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Aurora is dedicated to helping... read more
Orbital flight places extensive demands on a spacecraft and its materials in ways designers must account for in order to achieve success. Just getting into space requires a vehicle that can tolerate... read more
Additive Industries is an international company based in The Netherlands with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore. Providing solutions for additive manufacturing (AM), we... read more
Since its inception, LATICRETE has stood for the use of superior technologies to improve building practices, as guided by the needs and voices of its customers and users, resulting in a... read more
Oil refineries serve an important role in the production and transportation of fuels. Global refinery capacity is predicted to expand gradually through the early 2020s, and industry use rates are... read more
Grabner Instruments, Austria (and Petrolab Co., USA), a subsidiary of AMETEK Inc., is known as one of the most innovative companies worldwide in developing and manufacturing automatic petroleum-... read more
ZwickRoell is one of the world’s leading suppliers of materials testing machines and has been a pioneer in innovative materials and components testing for more than 160 years. With headquarters... read more