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Attending your first ASTM International meeting, or thinking about it? Welcome!To get important general information about meetings, which are open to all interested parties, check the information at... read more
You may have noticed that your online collaboration areas got an upgrade.The new ASTM International Collaboration Areas are more useful and intuitive in supporting your standards development work.The... read more
Like questions that should be asked, ideas for standards should be explored.Ideas for new standards come from “aha” moments — maybe as you unwind with colleagues after a meeting (the origin of more... read more
If the scope of your standard specification — existing or proposed — covers a product, consider certification for it.Certification, a kind of conformity assessment, seeks to ensure that any given... read more
Your approach to submitting or resolving negative votes is a critical step in the process of shaping standards and is the single most important element of the ASTM International standards development... read more
As an ASTM International member, your participation is key to the ASTM standards development process, which includes voting to express your endorsement, disapproval and opinion via ballots.It’s easy... read more
ASTM’s Blue Book, Form and Style for ASTM Standards states that all technical standards should include a terminology section. The requirement advises you to “keep it simple” and use a dictionary... read more
“My ASTM” — your gateway to participating online as an ASTM International member — now makes it easier to work with your task group in developing draft standards before they go to ballot. The tool is... read more
Writing a new standard presents many challenges, and sometimes, just figuring out which type of standard it should be is Challenge #1.There are six different kinds of ASTM standards… which one are... read more
Does your ASTM committee want to:Gather information for a possible new area of work or a standard already underway?Exchange technical information?Encourage new members and networking?Provide a forum... read more