The 10 Most-Read Features of 2023

SN presents its annual list of the stories that were most popular with readers in 2023.
David Walsh

This is the season of year-end lists: The New York Times Top Books; Billboard’s Top 10 Singles; even Apple’s Most Popular Podcast list – all making their way across the internet and smartphone screens everywhere. However, few are as hotly anticipated as SN Online’s annual list of most-read features. 

From PFAS in consumer products to digital supply chains to sustainable aviation, Standardization News (SN) content covered a range of topics as broad as the world of technology itself in 2023. All of which again reminds us that standards are everywhere – and often underpin daily life in ways we scarcely notice.

So here, for your reading enjoyment, is the list of SN Online’s 10 most-read articles of the year:

1) Standards Address PFAS in Everyday Products

PFAS has become a bigger and bigger story recently. So it isn’t surprising that coverage of ASTM’s efforts to address the presence of this “forever chemical” in consumer products became the most-read story of the year on SN Online.

2) Case Study on Infrastructure

As part of ASTM’s 125th anniversary, SN published the eight winners of ASTM’s case study contest, held to commemorate the most impactful standards in ASTM history to this point. The case study on standards for infrastructure, covering the standards that help hold our world together, became the second-most read article of 2023.

3) Case Study on Biodegradable Plastic

Plastics are another major concern in society today, and specifically, how to dispose of them. This case study on plastics that biodegrade was very popular with readers and landed at number three on our list.

4) Stronger Supply Chains

The issue of supply chains has come to forefront in recent years as the pandemic caused disruptions in the flow of goods. The launch of a new committee to address supply chain issues proved very popular.

5) 125 Years of ASTM International

This feature celebrating the rich and storied history of ASTM International on the occasion of its 125th anniversary made the fifth spot on our most-read list.

6) Gaining Traction: Standards for Footwear

2023 board chair Bill Ells spent most of his career in the footwear industry, and this feature, which ran as part of his board chair issue, proved very popular with readers.

7) Case Study: Biodiesel Fuel Blend

The story of this foundational standard for facilitating the adoption of biodiesel on a global scale came in at number 7 on our list.

8) Fueling the Future of Aviation

This feature, which looked at the renewed interest in sustainable aviation fuels, discussed the standards that could shape the future of the industry.

9) Case Studies: Amusement Rides

This case study looking at one of the most important standards in the amusement rides and devices industry cracked the Top 10 at number 9.

10) Case Studies: Baby Cribs

Another topic that has received a great deal of mainstream media coverage, this case study describing the consumer safety specification for full-size baby cribs was popular enough to round out 2023’s Top 10 list.

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