A Commitment to Collaboration – President's Message

Kathie Morgan

As my time at ASTM nears its end, I am reminded of the fact that while much changes, many things remain the same. Such can be said for most things in life, but this is especially true with ASTM International.

Across the pages of this issue of Standardization News alone, you can read about incredible advancements and standards efforts that bring emerging technology into established industries. Read about the standards that support 3D printing of tissue in the medical field, or the use of drones in real-estate inspection; or even the many uses of exoskeletons within the medical field.

These are but a sampling of the developments I’ve seen first-hand during my time at ASTM. Recently, we’ve seen efforts to support stormwater control management, pet products, and digital information in the supply chain, to name just a few newer standards activities. We’ve experienced the creation of student chapters around the world, the launch of Centers of Excellence, and the opening an office in Singapore. Each year the scope of our standards development increases and our library of content and services grow, underpinning the safety and performance of industry areas and strengthening consumer confidence. 

And yet, while we see so much change, many things truly do stay the same. Beginning in a few short weeks, thousands of ASTM members from around the world will travel to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for our April, May, and June standards-development meetings. Just as our founders did for the first time more than 125 years ago, they will gather in the City of Brotherly Love, just miles from our global headquarters, to lend their expertise to the development and maintenance of ASTM’s thousands of active standards.

Their work will so perfectly capture the consensus-driven approach to standards development that makes ASTM International so unique. And it’s reflective of a process that has stood the test of time.

Additionally, their efforts embody one of ASTM’s Core Values: “We Collaborate,” working together to discover and deliver the best solutions through diversity of thought, open minds, and teamwork. The longevity of the organization’s impact and sustained success are built on many things, especially collaboration. From our founding in 1898 through the present day, collaboration has been at the heart of what drives us forward. It’s what allows us to capitalize on the diverse insights and expertise of our more than 30,000 global members – and it is what empowers us to work towards our mission of “helping our world work better.”

While the industries we support will evolve and expand to cover things we haven’t yet dreamed of, one constant will remain: our steadfast commitment to collaboration. I’m looking forward to seeing where that collaboration will take ASTM International in the future. ■

Katharine E. Morgan
President, ASTM International

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