A Historic Celebration

The start of a new year means the excitement of a new ASTM International board chair. But before I move to welcome that esteemed person, I’d like to take a moment and thank our outgoing chair, Cesar Constantino, for a most productive year. Cesar was a tireless champion of ASTM International for the duration of his term, and we should all be grateful for his dedication and commitment.

I am thrilled to introduce William Ells as the 2023 Chair of the ASTM International Board of Directors. Bill has been an active ASTM member for nearly 25 years and participates on the pedestrian/walkway safety and footwear committee (F13). Read an interview with Bill to learn about him and his committee.

This particular new year also brings  with it a momentous and historic milestone. 2023 marks ASTM’s 125th Anniversary and there is much to celebrate. As we’ve been approaching this year, I’ve had the chance to look back at ASTM’s journey and the role our organization has played in society over the years. What began in 1898 with standards related to the railroad industry has evolved into vital activity across more than 90 industry sectors, including advanced manufacturing, construction, and consumer products.

For 125 years, ASTM International has helped our world work better, and I know this milestone is only possible because of the ceaseless work of our ASTM family. The commitment and dedication of our global members, staff, governance, and partners flows through everything we do, bolsters our mission, and empowers us to enhance industry performance and empower consumer confidence.

There are more than 13,000 ASTM International standards in use today, developed by ASTM’s volunteer members representing more than 150 countries. Thanks in part to the effort of our global partners, and supported by nearly 125 Memorandums of Understanding, ASTM standards have been cited nearly 8,000 times in laws and regulations around the world. For a century and a half, these standards – a physical testament to the hard work of our ASTM family – paired with our innovative products and services, have helped improve the lives of millions every day. There are few organizations who can tout such accomplishments.

2023 will be a year filled with celebrations and recognitions of ASTM’s journey to 125 years. There will be plenty of upcoming events and activities that I encourage you to take part in, including webinars, events at our standards-development meetings, international activities, and much more. To learn all about the year’s events and activities, experience an interactive ASTM timeline, scroll through photos and testimonials, and submit your own memories on a digital guestbook, we encourage you to visit our 125th anniversary site.

Here in Standardization News, we’ll feature a special anniversary themed issue in May/June. Other issues throughout the year will also include anniversary coverage including highlighting and recapping events and activities, sharing winners of ASTM’s Case Study Competition, publishing letters of congratulations from partners and peers, and much more.

This year, as we celebrate ASTM International’s sprawling and storied history, we also have an opportunity to look to our future – a future filled with exciting advancements in emerging industries, new global partnerships, the development of significant products and services, and as always, the development of ASTM standards aimed at helping our world work better. For 125 years we’ve stayed true to that mission, and I can’t wait to see what we do in the years and decades ahead.
This year is a recognition of the broad and important impact our ASTM family has made on the world. I’m grateful for your part in that, and I hope you’ll join us in celebration. 

Katharine E. Morgan
President, ASTM International

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