Statistics play an important role in the ASTM International standards you write. A panel of experts is ready to answer your questions about how to use statistical principles in ASTM standards. Following is an archive of DataPoints articles published in Standardization News.


May / June Solving Statistics Problems: How to Work with Difficult Data

Mar / Apr The Meaning of Statistical Confidence

Jan / Feb Revisiting Statistical Intervals: Common Statistical Intervals, Interval Selection, and Examples


Nov/Dec Some fine points of determining conformity to specification

Sep/Oct How can a laboratory demonstrate its proficiency?

Jul/Aug What are Certified Reference Materials?

May/Jun Fundamental Measurement Concepts

Mar/Apr A Primer on the Poisson Distribution and Applications in Quality Control and Risk Analysis

Jan/Feb Quantifying Probability of Detection (POD) Using the Binomial Distribution


Nov/Dec Understanding Populations

Sep/Oct Recognizing Multiplicity in Statistical Testing

Jul/Aug Controlling the Alpha Risk of Multiple Equivalence Tests

May/Jun Reporting for Hypothesis Tests

Mar/Apr Power and Sample Size, Part 1

Jan/Feb Design of Experiment: Why?


Nov/Dec Model Quality

Sep/Oct Statistical Testing in Context

Jul/Aug Building on Reliability: Reliability Test Planning, Part 3

May/Jun Building on Reliability: Reliability Test Planning, Part 2

Mar/Apr The (Mis)Use of Ordinary Linear Squares Regression

Jan/Feb Building on Reliability: Reliability Test Planning


Nov/Dec The Impact of Measurement Variability Heterogeneity on Calibration and Control Charting

Sept/Oct Probability Models for Epidemics and Materials

Jul/Aug General Considerations for Working with Data

May/Jun Setting an Upper Confidence Bound on Proportion Nonconforming

Mar/Apr The Weibull Model — Building on Reliability

Jan/Feb Dealing with Outliers


Nov/Dec GESD

Sep/Oct Questions about Sample Size

Jul/Aug The Kilogram, Redefined

May/Jun Uncertainty: Part 3, The Role and Estimation of Bias

Mar/Apr Standard Error Concept

Jan/Feb Point about Reliability