Standardization News

Talking to a member of the committee on mechanical testing (E28) — which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year  — is an education about something essential to structures we often take for... read more
What do oil refiners in Peru, concrete producers in Colombia, and adventure attraction operators in Costa Rica have in common? All, to varying degrees, look to ASTM International for help in... read more
When Hall of Fame baseball player Rogers Hornsby was asked what he did in the offseason, he replied, only half joking, “I stare out the window and wait for spring.” With winter giving way to spring... read more
Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. In the United States, it is currently legal in 33 states, with 23 allowing use for medical purposes and 10 allowing use for medical and... read more
Tiny pinpoints dot a world map at to show where wildfires burn. Images and satellite data on the site chart fire locations and characteristics such as the burn area, providing information... read more
Officer Craig Gocha says his life was saved by a ballistic-resistant vehicle door panel on his police car.In August 2011, after a high-speed chase, a man shot at Gocha – a member of the Yakima Police... read more
Additive manufacturing (AM) is the revolutionary process of creating three-dimensional objects by the successive addition of material – whether plastic, metal, ceramic, composite, or something else.... read more
From toothbrush handles and computer keys to aviation components and medical devices, plastics have become an ubiquitous part of modern life. To keep up with demand, manufacturers produce between 270... read more
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s BioPreferred program was launched 17 years ago to promote biobased products derived from renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials. Since then,... read more
Earthen floors can be found around the world, where they’ve been used as natural and affordable options for hundreds of years.Some floors today use a tamped base layer of materials (such as laterite... read more