Standardization News

The U.S. Department of Energy is targeting energy resources and their development with the 2009 funding of Energy Frontier Research Centers across the country. DOE anticipates that the EFRC research... read more
2010 Chairman of the ASTM International Board of DirectorsAs a national laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory researches and develops technology that may eventually be utilized by the private... read more
ITER – Latin for "the way"– is an advanced tokamak, or toroidal fusion reactor, being designed and built as part of an international collaboration to demonstrate the scientific and technological... read more
ORNL Research, ASTM International Standards As countries around the world grapple with climate change and related challenges of sustainability, alternative energy sources and reducing carbon... read more
Scientists make progress and face challenges in their studies of nuclear reactor materials such as advanced steels and composites. by James Pearce Developing materials that can endure the extreme... read more
A Look at Three Countries The ASTM memorandum of understanding program includes partnerships with more than 70 standards bodies around the world. Here is a look at how groups in Mozambique, South... read more
Catherine H. Pilarz, 2011 Chairman of the ASTM Board of Directors As senior director of product safety at Mattel/Fisher-Price, Kitty Pilarz works in the vanguard of international standardization for... read more
Structural Sealant Glazing Proves Its WorthDecades of successful use, plus ASTM International standards from Committee C24 on Building Seals and Sealants, have given structural sealant glazing its... read more
Predicting the Durability of Building Construction Sealants Collaborative work housed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology is modeling sealant service life and enabling new ASTM... read more
2012 Chairman of the ASTM International Board of Directors Managing a global product line of silicone sealants at Dow Corning, Kenneth F. Yarosh works regularly with cutting edge products and the... read more