Ameristar relies on ASTM standards as an integral part of its business model. For over 30 years, Ameristar has prided itself on manufacturing products of high quality and unmatched performance. ASTM standards play an important role in many aspects… more

The Bosphorus Straits bridge will connect the European and Asian continents near Istanbul, Turkey. The concrete has 50 percent slag for sustainability and also incorporates Chryso FluidOptima® 100 for extended slump retention up to four hours and… more

According to consulting group Senvol, businesses considering using 3D printing must consider several factors before making the leap. Once the decision is made, ASTM standards work behind the scenes to help ensure success. 3D printing technology… more

Soprema, the multinational building products manufacturer with North American headquarters in Canada, complies with international codes and stays abreast of technology updates by using ASTM standards.   Soprema, a privately held company founded in… more

How standards impact testing equipment manufactured by global SME Elcometer. Most of the equipment in Elcometer's product line complies with standards, so ASTM test methods, guides and practices are important to both our customers and the… more

In 2009, the formation of ASTM Committee F42 on Additive Manufacturing helped catalyze international interest, investment and innovation in the additive manufacturing industry (or, as it's popularly known, 3D printing). Government agencies… more

Standards Form the Foundation of Sterility Assurance The majority of healthcare products manufactured today are labeled as sterile and sold globally. The claim to sterility must be supported by scientific data and meet strict regulatory… more
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Quality, Consumer Products, Safety, Medical

Standards Form the Foundation of a Testing Equipment Manufacturer's Business If you were walking around Q-Lab's headquarters or any of our global locations, it wouldn't take long to hear someone - sales professionals, product engineers, help desk… more

Standards Empower Lab Equipment Maker in Product Development and Marketing For as long as Henry Troemner LLC has been manufacturing precision weights, ASTM International has been a part of our business. Strict adherence to standards developed by… more

The Use of ASTM Standards for Equipment, Products and Worker Protection   In the metals manufacturing industry, the temperature of molten iron can rise to 2900 F (1600 C). Workers have to be protected from potential burn injuries arising from… more
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Metals & Materials