Standards Empower Lab Equipment Maker in Product Development and Marketing For as long as Henry Troemner LLC has been manufacturing precision weights, ASTM International has been a part of our business. Strict adherence to standards developed by… more

The Use of ASTM Standards for Equipment, Products and Worker Protection   In the metals manufacturing industry, the temperature of molten iron can rise to 2900 F (1600 C). Workers have to be protected from potential burn injuries arising from… more
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Metals & Materials

Quality and Opportunities with Correctional Facility Standards   In the construction of commercial buildings, safety is critical. But in prisons and jails, it's not a matter of whether a riot or disturbance is going to occur; it's when and how bad… more

Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Company and ASTM were born in the same time and place. The expression that "necessity is the mother of invention" was never more true than when it comes to the births of ASTM and Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Company.… more