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“The Wrong Trousers” is a 1993 British animated film starring the stop-motion characters of Wallace and Gromit. In it, Wallace comes into the possession of a pair of so-called “techno trousers,” or... read more
For organizations in 2021, diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives are important to keep up with industry trends and workplace needs. But for Heidi Turley, ASTM International’s vice president... read more
For more than 120 years, ASTM International has committed and recommitted itself to the principles of an international standards organization available to all — anyone, anywhere — as a forum to... read more
The world has seen many new words enter the lexicon since the COVID-19 pandemic began, with terms that may have baffled us a year ago becoming part of our everyday language. We’ve learned that a “... read more
Each season brings occurrences of extreme weather around the world: Spain paralyzed by the heaviest snowstorm in recent history; California experiencing the worst wildfires on record; the Atlantic... read more
Consider for a moment a scenario in which safe, habitable structures must be built as quickly as possible: in the midst of a refugee crisis, for instance, or following a natural disaster like a flood... read more
In a commercial airplane, everything that’s brought on board increases the flying weight of the craft and therefore, the amount of fuel that it uses. Luggage, passengers, cans of soda: it all adds up... read more
Since UHMWPE — ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene — came into regular medical use, the medical world has not looked back. Decades later, with a few significant changes, the material... read more
On Sept. 15, 2020, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Israel, and Bahrain signed an agreement known as the Abraham Accords Peace Agreement. Among other things, the agreement aims to “acknowledge the... read more
Preventing infection and disease transmission has been a primary goal of the global medical community for many years, particularly with regard to the medical equipment and devices used for a... read more